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Wedding reception

Wedding-Events Services overview


Event Planning

Rovistella charges 15% of the entire event costs.
Payment 25% upfront first month, 25% after 3 months, 50% balance after wedding.

Wedding-Event Coordination 

Hourly rate: The deposit amounts to 50% of the total payment and must be paid at least 4 months before the wedding day (It is non refundable - as per future contract).

Rovistella works as a Wedding-Event Coordinator for weddings/parties where support is required for at least 9 hours (e.g. minimum 3/4 hours pre-wedding - work with the couple and vendors networking - and 5/6 on the event day for the day coordination).

For weddings-events outside London, that require the Rovistella as a Coordinator to work from early mornings and/or to late evening, Rovistella may be required to stay overnight near the wedding-party venue. In such cases, there will be an additional charge for the transport and accommodation cost which should be agreed in advance.

Special offers and package deals available.

Rovistella Projects

Kids rainbow party decor
Additional work and consultation

Rovistella designs bespoke events and the decorations are chosen by the celebrated person/spouses: this requires extra payment and decor hiring to agree on the décor planning and styling.

When you sign the contract and pay the deposit, you will have consequently booked Rovistella Event-Wedding Planner and Coordinator for your event and you will receive a personalised gift!


Rovistella works also outside London, on events that have a minimum budget of 600 pounds.

Questions about the Terms of Service should be sent to us at info@rovistella.com