Unconventional Weddings: Planning an Out-of-the-Ordinary Ceremony and Reception

When you think of a traditional wedding, it’s likely that your mind will start to wander and you’ll begin to question what is unconventional about your own particular situation. There are many different ways that people choose to marry. While some couples get married in church, others prefer a non-religious ceremony; some feel that the state should not be involved in marriage; while others may have chosen to marry only because their parents chose to do so. Whatever your personal reason for getting married, an out-of-the-ordinary wedding can add a touch of individuality and fun to the occasion. The following article discusses some common reasons why couples choose to have an unconventional wedding reception and offers practical advice on how you can make reservations at a local winery or hotel without breaking the bank.
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The Wedding Is Part of a Larger Celebration
Many couples choose to get married as part of a larger celebration, such as a family reunion, a corporate event, or a religious gathering. If you are part of a larger celebration, you may be able to include the wedding as part of your celebration. For example, if you are getting married as part of a family reunion, you may choose to have the ceremony in the park or a nearby building, have a small reception at the park or another open area, invite only immediate family members and guests, and then move the event to the nearby town for the celebrations that include the wedding. In any case, it’s a good idea to discuss your plans with the people involved with your family reunion or celebration so that there are no surprises.
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No Money for a Reception
Perhaps you’ve decided to have a non-traditional wedding reception, but you have no money to host an event. While it can be difficult to navigate, you can certainly keep the reception small and intimate, while still celebrating your new union with your guests. You can invite your family and friends over for dinner, drink champagne or other beverages, and serve cake and other light fare. You might want to set up a caterer to provide hors d’oeuvres or finger foods, or invite your guests over to your house for a potluck style reception. If you don’t have money for a full-blown reception, you can still make your celebration feel important by bringing in the people who matter most to you.
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A Romantic Engagement Is Short-Lived
Another reason for an unconventional wedding is that your fiancé or spouse has broken off the engagement. In these situations, you may be choosing to have an unconventional wedding to express your feelings towards your partner. If this is the case, make sure that you maintain the traditional elements of a wedding, such as the ceremony, rings, and attire. Try to hold on to some of the wedding aspects that have made you fall in love with your partner, such as flowers, music, food, invitations, and decorations. By incorporating some of these aspects into your ceremony, reception, or other special day activities, you can help to maintain the memory of what made you fall in love with your partner.
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You Don’t Want Your Parents Involved in the Wedding Planning Process
Many couples choose to hold an unconventional wedding because they are embarrassed by the fact that they don’t have enough money to have a traditional wedding. It may be that your parents or family members have been pressuring you to marry someone you don’t love or that you simply don’t want your parents to be involved in the wedding planning process. If this is the case, it’s important to remember that the marriage will not be between your parents and your significant other; it’s between you and your spouse. You can still hold an intimate wedding ceremony, with a small group of close friends, family members, or your partner and officiate. You may want to invite only your closest friends to the reception, or hold the wedding reception in a church or other public venue that is small enough to accommodate only a few guests.
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You’d Rather Celebrate with Your Guests at a Dining Out Event
Perhaps you don’t want your parents involved in the wedding planning process because you’d rather have your reception be a dinner out with your guests, rather than a reception at a public venue. You can hold the dinner out at a restaurant that is open to the public or invite your guests to an apartment, house, or other private location. If there is a restaurant that you know your guests would love, you can hold the dinner out there. Alternatively, you can hold the dinner out at a friend’s house or invite your guests to an apartment or other private location. You can also hold the dinner out at a restaurant that doesn’t charge a high price or have a cash bar.
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Finding an Unconventional Venue for Your Wedding Reception
Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that if you are planning a non-traditional wedding, you may want to find an unconventional venue for your reception. If you are holding the wedding reception at a public location such as a park or an outdoor venue, you may want to consider holding the reception at a more intimate location, such as an outdoor venue with a grassy area or in an indoor space. If you’re holding the wedding reception at a house or private location, you may want to consider holding the event in an outdoor venue that allows for outdoor celebrations. On the other hand, if you are holding the wedding reception at a public venue, such as a ballroom or restaurant, you may want to consider holding the event in a more intimate setting, such as an outdoor location or in an indoor space that is smaller than a public space would allow.
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Final Words
Whether your partner has ended the engagement or you simply don’t have the money for a traditional wedding, an unconventional wedding can be an exciting and memorable way to celebrate your new union. You can incorporate the traditional aspects of a wedding, such as flowers, cake, music, and other decorations, while switching up the format of the celebration in some way. For example, you can hold the reception in a smaller space, invite only a select group of guests, or serve food that is different than what would typically be served at a wedding reception.
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