Lucia and Davide were Red Cross Volunteers and met more than 10 years ago in the their home town: Lucia and Davide are originally from southern Italy but moved to Tuscany for work reasons.

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Lucia loves theatre and works as a Store Manager, Davide loves travel and works in a private delivery company. Both are dedicated to family and friends  hosting them at their wedding in beautiful Tuscany was a dream come true.

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The wedding of these adorable young newlyweds was a real 'Matrimonio all'Italiana', with many guests and family members coming from across Italy to converge in this verdant and enchanting central location.

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Lucia and Davide got married in a historic church called 'San Francesco', which is located in Colle di Val d'Elsa, surrounded by a characteristic Italian village, usually called a 'borgo'.

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The wedding reception itself took place in a beautiful country estate called 'Antica Fattoria Paterno', located in Montespertoli (Florence).

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The spouses are music lovers and decided to give the wedding a 'rock musical' theme: decorations - such as the table centerpieces, the place sittings and the 'tableau de marriage' (table planning) were made of flowers, musical items and decorated vinyl records.

Wedding Flowers Vinyl Wedding Theme Music Centerpiece

Touch of class: the vinyls had the names of  the spouses' favorite singers and elegant treble clefs embellished the tables.

Wedding favors Vinyl centerpiece wedding theme music treble clef wood

The ceremony took place in a fairy tale location: the bride and groom and the wedding guests all took enchanting photos of themselves, and many of them are now using these as their social picture profile!

Fattorie di Paternò Italian wedding in Tuscany

The restaurant's atmosphere was warm, creamy, welcoming and sophisticated.

Italian Wedding Venue Fattorie Di Paternò Tuscany

The spouses' relatives and friends who had travelled from abroad stayed in Tuscan farmhouses, at the expense of the spouses, who also took care of the transport after the party.

Italian wedding. Wedding guests. Celebration in Tuscany

All the participants enjoyed the ceremony and the wedding became more and more animated as the day wore on, with toasts and dances in which the couple took part: a typical Italian wedding party!

first dance when married. newlyweds. Italian wedding in Tuscany

The moment of cutting the wedding cake was truly magical: the bride and groom were surrounded by the wedding guests , fireworks lit the skies above the terrace where everybody was gathered, the piano bar played gently in the background and there were lots of cheers and applause.

Wedding cake. Topping. Italian wedding in Tuscany.

Wedding Traditions:

1. The father of the bride accompanies his daughter to the altar, walking along the aisle in front of the guests, he will delivers her into the hands of the groom, whose job it now is to take care of her.

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2. At the end of the ceremony, the bride threw her wedding bouquet of flowers, the one who usually picks the bouquet should be the next to get married.

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3. As at any respectable Southern Italian wedding, the groom has to remove the bride's garter belt, throwing it to her friends, the one who picks up the accessory should be lucky in love.

Launch of the garter. Italian wedding traditions. wedding in Tuscany

Lucia and Davide's wedding was unique, so exciting, incredibly fun, leaving an indelible memory for their family and friends.

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