Engagement is the period of time between a marriage proposal ('do you want to marry me? / I said yes') and the wedding ('I now declare you husband and wife /I declare you married)!

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During this period, a couple is said to be fiancés or engaged. The duration of this period varies: it usually depends on the Families, Religions, Cultural norms or Fiances' will.

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It is said that the commitment period and the marriage proposal are an indicator of the beauty and solidity of marriage. The more the couple intend to share the planning of the wedding day, the more likely it is that the marriage has a happy ending (or at least Rovistella has noticed that)!

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 When is the best time to declare eternal love to your partner?
Better in a moment of serenity, when the future spouses are so in love, relaxed and motivated to live a new adventure together!

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Where is the best place to do the proposal with the engagement ring?

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It would be preferable in a significant place for the couple: a place that both love or a new place the couple wanted to experience together (this is what the most happily married couples usually tell Rovistella)!

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Here are some of the latest trends regarding desired locations and romantic atmosphere:

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- During a Safari or in a National Park (for an adventurous engagement in nature)

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- On a terrace overlooking the sea, by the lake or in sight of a lighthouse at sunset (for a romantic and warm engagement)

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- Breakfast at Tiffany's stores (for a classic cinematic engagement)

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- At Disneyland or at the Theme Park (for a playful and fun engagement)

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- In a snowy Christmas cabin (for a cosy and festive engagement)

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- On the rooftop of a skyscraper (for a stylish and cool engagement).

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Note: remember that engagement is a moment that you will remember forever and so surely it should be an occasion worthy of being unforgettable!

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Rovistella organises proposals parties and the engagement dinner. Write today to and make your marriage begin magically!