Rovistella loves the English custom of tea time.

 Tea time

A large collection of teapots, mugs and cups is kept by Rovistella in the bazaar.

Cups Bazaar

In Italy she loved drinking coffee and milk in her favorite cups, everywhere but never in a glass!

 Pink Tea cup

Rovistella believes that some drinks have a different taste based on the objects they are poured into.

Afternoon tea

Coffee, tea, camomile, infusions, hot drinks in general are tastier in a cup.

 Hot drink in a cup

'Also, the cup is an object that wants to be hugged, cuddled, observe how people hold cups!' - Rovistella says!

 Holding a Tea cup

Rovistella loves cups of all origins and believes that there is something magical about having a drink in a cup!

 Teapot and teacup

When you are in company, to have a drink together, the cups seem to come to life and arouse the best thoughts and emotions, don't you think? - Rovistella says.

 Tea cup together

Every day, Rovistella publishes the 'Cup of the Day' post on Tiktok social media, writing a message for followers.

 Cup with pens

Follow @rovistella on Tiktok and find out what message there is today for you!

 Coffee time

(Pictures kindly provided by Shopify Burst Photographers)