With the end of the lockdown and the beginning of the spring weather, we give up staying at home and we go out more to be outdoors and to meet family and friends.

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The Covid19 pandemic has made us realize how much 'home' is important! The need of a personal home place, the sense of company and comfort are fundamental concepts.

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During the quarantine period, books, cushions, home supplies and all the household items kept us company. Everything around us has an influence on us and therefore 'Home decor' is an important aspect to consider wherever we live.

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 Let's give life to our creativity, finding an object of the heart that makes us feel at home! Among the house accessories that usually make us feel at home there are cups, cushions, candles, aromas, floral accessories, for example, that you can always find in the Rovistella bazaar.

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Visit our collections and take with you the object that makes you feel at home everywhere you are.

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(Some pictures are kindly provided by Burst Shopify Photographers)