For a summer weekend, I visited the seaside resort of Ramsgate, a quiet town on the south west coast of England, one of the hidden gems of the county of Kent:

Ramsgate England Rovistella Trip

I was the guest of a refined English couple who live in a typical Victorian townhouse, but in Ramsgate there are hotels, hostels and  Bed & Breakfast solutions for all visitors.

Ramsgate Streets and Houses Trip Rovistella

I enjoyed shopping in the town centre where there are numerous charity and vintage shops, temporary pop up stores, souvenir bazaars, cafes, pubs and restaurants.

Ramsgate restaurants Rovistella Trip

There is nothing healthier and more authentic than fresh local food: there are freshly caught wet fish take away services in Ramsgate harbour.

Fresh seafood Ramsgate Rovistella Trip

Ramsgate is a family friendly environment with fairground set ups and family amusement park for kids and for anyone who wants to have fun.

 fairground set up on the west cliff in Ramsgate

As everywhere in along the English coast, there are seagulls and the sound of their cries keep the tourists company the whole day.

Seagulls Ramsgate Rovistella Trip

The Ramsgate beach is large enough and well maintained for swimming in front of the famous restaurant/entertainment centre, Royal Victoria Pavilion, which has now been converted into an enormous panoramic pub.

Royal Pavilion Ramsgate

On the seafront there are lifeguards, bars, and lots of shells to collect along the water's edge.

Collection of shells Ramsgate Rovistella Trip

In the late afternoon, people admire the amazing sunset from the Royal Harbour or there are those who prefer to look at the views of Ramsgate from the surrounding hills.

Ramsgate Sunset Rovistella Trip

Ramsgate by night is so quite and romantic, with the lighthouse in the background and the boats resting in the Ramsgate Marina in the port.

Ramsgate by night Rovistella Trip

Ramsgate is very characteristic even in the cold seasons: on bonfire night in the Autumn (the 5th of November - also known as 'Guy Fawkes Night') and for New Years Eve, the local community celebrates with extraordinary fireworks on the beach.

Fireworks Ramsgate

When it is very cold in winter, snow whitens the seascape.

Winter Snow Ramsgate Rovistella Trip

Enjoy some free time in Ramsgate, find out more on www.visitramsgate.co.uk

Seaside Marina Ramsgate Rovistella Trip