The profession of a Wedding Planner is full of surprises: one of these is the wedding style that the bride and groom choose.

Newlyweds Rovistella Wedding Planner

I recently served as personal assistant to an experienced wedding planner who contacted me to assist her to decorate and set up the wedding venue.

Wedding Flowers Wedding Reception Rovistella

The wedding location was a typical English house with a beautiful share garden in south London and the wedding style was romantic botanical-rustic: leaves, flowers, soya candles and shrubs were the main decorations. The bridal bouquet was so Celtic!

Rovistella Mormons wedding bridal bouquet

Even the menu was purely vegetarian (Tagine, Couscous, Falafel, salad, Elderflower water, Rosè wine, fruit-juice). The wedding menu courses had the colours of the wedding flowers, so elegant!

Drinks wedding reception Rovistella

The entire wedding reception (the ritual and the party) took place in the garden.

Garden wedding Rovistella

However, I had noticed that there was no reverend, no priest or no registrar to celebrate the marriage. The Event planner told me later that the newlyweds are Mormons and so all the ceremony was a Mormon Wedding!

Wedding decor Mormons Wedding Rovistella

The bride and groom kissed under a flowered wedding arch with family members around them. The Catering Staff placed coloured carpets on the ground during the ceremony and the gentle rustle of the wind moved the leaves creating a magical atmosphere!

Flawered wedding arch Rovistella wedding Planner

A friend of the couple celebrated a very short ceremony, declaring the couple 'husband and wife' with an almost ironic speech. An aunt read some good religious passages dedicated to the spouses and each could contribute with comments about them. The bride's father made his speech, which was incredibly moving!

Wedding speech Rovistella Wedding planner

The groom read his speech with a perfect British humor, well appreciated by the wedding guests and the best man made sure the goblets were full before everyone toasted the bride and groom just before the dinner.

Wedding Toast Rovistella Wedding planner

The moment of the wedding cake was fairy and comical at the same time: the wedding cake was quite small so the spouse' friends provided a lovely and delicious cheese cake  (even some portions of the lunch had been provided by the guests)!

Wedding Cake Rovistella Wedding Planner

The garden was beautifully lit by candles, paper lanterns placed on the trees and the bride and groom made the cut of the cake and the toast among the guests. There was a strong sense of community and family. An intimate ceremony, less than 100 people but really stylish and unique.

Colorful lanterns in the garden Rovistella Weddings

To sum up!

  • Family and guests: 60 people totally
  • Wedding ceremony duration: 7 Hours approx (from 2 to 9 PM)
  • Wedding panning cost approx.: 490£

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If you want to know more...

Mormon Wedding Tradition

Book of Mormons

One of the main features of the Mormon Wedding ritual is that everyone participating in the ceremony usually wears white or casual clothing, including the bride and groom.

The spouses establish a bond between them that is considered a seal of their union for eternity – a sealing.

In such a ritual, rings are exchanged but they are not blessed. To divorce means to break this seal, which can only be done by the high authority in the Mormon tradition.