Increasingly, modern weddings are tailored to the spouses' requests and identified needs with many moving away from more established traditional customs and traditions.

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Holding a 'Mock Ceremony' is increasingly common: it is a sort of emulation of the original ceremony which has already taken place in another place, at another time.

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For a variety of reasons, the newlyweds 'remarry' in a different environment - perhaps with different guests:

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it happens when the spouses live in another area and want to celebrate with all their loved ones who could not be present at the original ceremony; or if there were been some setbacks to the original plans (particularly in relation to restrictions on numbers imposed during the Covid lockdowns).

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In one such event I attended recently, the couple wanted to celebrate their wedding again with friends in the city where they live.

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The original wedding, with traditional and religious ceremony, had already taken place in Paris: A Parisian wedding under the 'Torre Eiffel' - which was 'tres chic'!

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Living in London, the wedding couple gathered together their friends and colleagues also living in the English capital who had not been able to join them in Paris, and reread their marriage vows in their presence.

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The couple chose a stylish and chic garden wedding. The 'Mock Ceremony' took place outdoors. All the guests were surrounded by the scent of lavender and sight of English lawns.

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Nature was the perfect background to the ritual that was short but very moving: there were about 40 guests who participated in speeches, recalling shared memories and singing songs, making the wedding unique, intimate and essential.

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Wedding rain is an English cliche: it was rainy while the newlyweds pronounced the vows but, perhaps because there had been two 'weddings', this was greeted by the newlyweds and their guests with great good humour.

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As a 'Touch of Class': in the garden, they had made ready white umbrellas placed next to the guests, who used them with much appreciation!

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The sound of rain with the melody of wind instruments played during the ceremony made the atmosphere romantic and refined.

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The ceremony lasted for around 40 minutes and afterwards the guests delighted in the elegantly served local delicacies available at the bar.

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Following the culinary trends of the moment, the favourite dishes were Vegan and the most requested drinks were non-alcoholic with edible flowers.

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After the final toast with French Champagne, the spouses and guests went to celebrate in a restaurant a few steps from the garden venue.

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