Rovistella loves flowers and planning her visit to London's monthly flower markets in order to create unique decorations for parties and ceremonies is one of her happiest priorities.

Flowers in a glass Rovistella Home Decor Advisor

Rovistella believes that floral compositions and bouquets elegantly beautify any environment and have a huge positive impact on people's mood.

Pink Flowers Stand Rovistella Floral Decor Advisor

If you are looking for blooming great ideas to inspire your own floral arrangements or home decor - and perfectly 'Instagrammable' places that are always a riot of colour and atmosphere -
here are Rovistella's 3 favourite flower markets:

Flower Arrangement Rovistella Home Decor Advisor

1. Columbia Road Flower Market - in East London, five-minute walk from Hoxton and Shoreditch High Street train stations. 

Columbia Rd Flower Market Rovistella

If you approach Columbia Road on a Sunday morning, you will see many people with plants and flowers, walking around. The most passionate go early in the morning to calmly and carefully choose the freshest and most beautiful flowers and plants.

Columbia Road Flower Market Rovistella

London florists place stands along one side of the road, respecting Covid19 restrictions and facilitate customers in the choice of herbs, loose flowers or flowers artfully arranged, floral decorative items (feathers, ribbons, ornaments) and succulent plants. 

Columbia Rd Flower Market Rovistella

Columbia Road flower market is family friendly and it is also pleasant for those who want to enjoy Sunday morning drinking good coffee, having a typical English breakfast or listening to street music.

Music Floral Market Rovistella Home Decor Advisor

Collectors and shopaholics from all over the city visit the market also because there are many vintage stores and shops selling second-hand clothes and furniture; Victorian shops of accessories and hats, local art galleries, home and garden decor shops embellish the neighborhood.

Second hand furniture shop

Address: COLUMBIA ROAD, London E2 7RG - opens every Sunday from 8 AM to 2 PM UK time (

Street and Flea Market

2. Chiswick Flower Market - in West London, 5 minutes walk from Turnham Green station on the District line.

Chiswick Flower Market Rovistella Floral Decor Advisor

The flower market takes place on the main street of the neighborhood where there are cafes, charity shops, bookstores, take-away delicatessens, home decor shops, ready to welcome locals and visitors.

Chiswick Flower Market

The local community organizes the market where flower shop owners sell seeds, flowers, plants, floral decorations and vases.

Chiswick Flower Market Rovistella Floral Decor

Often the Food Market is also open, where you can find fruit and vegetable stalls, products ready to eat or to use for floral arrangements and table setting decorations.

Food Market Rovistella Floral Decor Advisor

Chiswick Market is beautiful at Christmas too, when sellers create floral compositions and gift baskets with Christmas decorations - in the street there are usually also choirs singing Xmas carols.

Christmas Flower Market London

It will be easy to find seasonal festive plants and Christmas wreaths made of poinsettias, holy, foliage, Christmas rose, pine cones and dried orange wedges with glitter.

Christmas wreath London

Address: CHISWICK HIGH ROAD, London W4 2DR. The market usually opens the first Sunday of every month ( - next: September the 5th 2021 from 9 am to 3.30 PM. 

Chiswick Flower Market

3. New Covent Garden Market - in the heart of London, 9 minutes from Vauxhall Railway Station. 

New Covent Garden Market place

(not to be confused with Covent Garden in West End of London - picture below - where the famous flower market used to take place until the 70s)

Covent Garden London Rovistella Home decor Advisor

New Covent Garden Market vendors specialise in floral and culinary products: Flower sale, Fruit & Veg Market, Food supplier services are available for a massive number of clients.

Veg and Fruit Market 

This is a big covered market where wholesalers display flowers and goods in large quantities and sell in bulk for shops, florists and individuals.

Wholesale Flower Market

It is convenient to visit the New Covent Garden market in the early morning (when it is still dark and the city is asleep) and to buy unusual and large quantities of products that may be useful for celebrations and great occasions.

Flower Market Bulk

There is a wide choice: flowers and fresh food from all over the world enrich the market.

Fruit New Covent Garden Market

Address: NEW COVENT GARDEN MARKET SW8 5BH London, opens Monday to Friday from 4 to 10 AM, Saturday from 4:00 to 9 AM (

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English people love gardening which is usually a pleasant and relaxing recreational activity but can be a great way to exercise if there is a lot of digging or weeding to be done!  Stay up to date, next week's blog post will be on Floral Home Decor and Wedding Flowers. Rovistella will teach you how to create a floral bouquet :)

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