Home Sweet Home Decor

How important is it to live in a comfortable home that we really like?

Fashion suggest to us how we can make our homes beautiful and charming, using professional advice on the home décor.

However, we need to consider that the character of a house, the arrangement of some objects and the preferences of multiple decorative details are purely personal and should remain so! Our home should reflect our habits, our favorite colours, passions and personal comforts.

We should consider the decor of our home as something that reflects us, that belongs to us and not as a ready-made recipe. This is why we must feel free to express our creativity at home, having items that best represent our personality.


One of the prerogatives of the Rovistella bazaar is to offer many varieties of things, sometimes retro and vintage, other times very futuristic so that everyone can find what best represents the style of their home decoration.

(All the pictures are kindly provided by Burst Shopify Photographers)