Home decor lovers would like to renovate their homes often, adding new ornaments, rearranging the furniture, painting walls and following the latest home decor trends.

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Unfortunately, some of these people may give up on the idea of home restyling as they think it may involve excessive costs and very long renovation times.

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Recently, there has been an increase of home decor items and tools for sale and the DIY culture (Do It Yourself) is spreading a lot. Many cannot afford to keep buying new furniture and so decide either to make it by themselves, renovate what they already have or 'upcycle' items they have bought cheaply or even found after they were dumped by others.

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People increasingly decide to do home improvement themselves too, making their houses more modern, individualistic and trendy.

DIY planning Rovistella

We all have items and furniture that need a bit of TLC (tender loving care)! Save money, take your time and start your DIY planning!

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Where to start? Here some DIY planning tips:

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1. Take an old item that you think needs to be remodeled or an ornament that you would like to modify (some people start with vintage objects, rustic old style / shabby chic items they find on the street or in flea markets).

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2. Look at the item carefully, imagine what you would like to do with it and where the item will be placed. Buy the necessary materials you need (many people find it helpful watching video tutorials on YouTube or following interior design influencers on social media to get design inspiration).

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3. Schedule the day you would like to give life to your new object and do not make any other commitments on that day (make sure you are focused on this new goal - give yourself a deadline and a title to your project).

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4. You might like to photograph or film your work so you can share it with your friends and followers on Facebook stories, Instagram reels or Tiktok!

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5. Create your work space and proceed. There is nothing better than starting, regardless of the result (of course, if you are about to modify an object dear to you or one of delicate fabric, make sure that the materials you use do not damage the object first!).

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You don't have to limit yourself to items of furniture, be creative and  work on what you would like to do: for instance, home made beauty products, water colour postcards, personalised sewn fabrics, floral compositions or glam accessories.

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