What makes candles special? Why do almost everyone seem to be enchanted by the light of a candle? Our senses allow us to appreciate what surrounds us: a beautiful color, a good smell, a soft touch, for example, which are all things that candles have in themselves!

 Evening candles

The most varied colors of candles, the most unthinkable smells with which they are scented, the most refined materials with which they are created are excellent attractors.

Red festive soya candles

Candles seem to have the power to help us imagine exotic landscapes, perceive wonderful fragrances, taste delights and transport us to far away places.

Milk mini candles lights

Candles keep us company, give light and are a symbol of history: they remind us when our ancestors were forced to use candelabra or oil lamps to illuminate and heat the environment.

 Rustic candles and plants

Whether on the table or on a windowsill, in the dining room or in a courtyard, during a wedding or a farewell party, candles always have a great charm!

Wedding white candles

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Birthday candles Rovistella

(Pictures kindly provided by Shopify Burst Photographers)